Hear what residents and their family have to say.


Before I retired, I was a teacher and I was also a Flight Attendant for American Airlines.
When I arrived at The Sterling, I did a tour of the Community, and I was pleasantly surprised. The staff are very nice, kind and helpful, they are here for us day and night.
I thank my children for finding me a home here at The Sterling Aventura. They knew what is important to me, my taste, how I like to live and where I would feel comfortable.
I’ve met two wonderful friends! They help me through all my lonely times. The staff is very pleasant, the care is outstanding, great food, great living conditions and apartment is lovely and always kept clean.
What else is there to say but- Thank you Sterling for making my life enjoyable.


My journey to The Sterling Aventura began 5years ago, when I was diagnosed with a Retinal Occatar Occlusion Vein. Which in English meant after Cataract Surgery my left eye was basically half as good as it was originally. At the time I lived alone, worked part time and drove everywhere. I had a very independent lifestyle.
So, after checking out other Communities my friend took me to The Sterling. I had always heard good things about them. Even though I was a lot younger than the average resident, I found a happy Community. I made a lot of friends who shared their life stories with me. The staff was friendly in helping me adjust and I finally found my nitch. I was very happy.
Giving up my car was devastating. But I found I could continue going wherever I wanted to with the transportation here. Aventura is a great place to be, everything is here, and I feel great being driven around.