Dining you’ll truly savor.

Food can fuel your soul. Healthy ingredients including whole foods, rich flavors and fresh ingredients can all come together to provide an experience that brings joy to you and your companions. The Sterling Aventura’s dining staff aspires to create that experience every day, at every meal.

The Menu

Our chef prepares daily menus with diverse flavor pallets designed to appeal to a wide range of personal styles and meal preferences. The resulting restaurant-style entrées bring our residents and their families together for a unique and engaging experience.

Menu items can also be customized. Many of our residents have specific preferences or health needs that affect what they can eat. If you have similar concerns, our chef will take the time to talk to you about your needs, especially any dietary restrictions for health or personal issues. We’ll make sure your dining experience honors those needs so you can enjoy every meal.

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The Dining Area

We’re not the diner on the corner – although you might see comfort food favorites like those on the menu of your favorite greasy spoon. In the community dining room, you’ll find comfortable tables with beautiful settings and chairs you can sink into. Our residents often gather here to enjoy conversation and connection, whether enjoying a meal or not.

There’s plenty of space for your visitors, so invite friends and family to share a meal with you anytime. We encourage every resident and their visitors to truly savor the dining experience. Slow down. Connect. Enjoy the moment and the people you’re with. We’ll help you make it possible.