Hear what residents and their family have to say.

Irene Miller

“I’m forever grateful for everything The Sterling staff does for my mom. The kindness, the food, the assistance — I could go on forever. I don’t have to worry about anything. As someone who has been in nursing for 48 years, I recognize true caring when I see it. That’s why I know she’s in good hands.”

Luba Zigler

“I wanted my mom to continue to feel independent — it was very important to me for her to feel that — but I also wanted her to be surrounded by care. At The Sterling, she has her own apartment, which makes her very happy, with people on-site to check in on her. Knowing she has that combination means I can sleep at night.”

Shirley Schatzberg

“I like everything about The Sterling, especially the way the staff treats the residents. And that has a lot to do with the continuity of their aides. My mom has been there six years, and has had the same aides taking care of her all that time. So, she knows them and they all know her, and they genuinely love her. That really makes a difference.”